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We have produced the first Coopers/Goshawk hybrid and we have been successful breeding the Harris/Golden Eagle Hybrid as well



Our focus is to introduce ourselves to the falconry and Raptor breeding community. We have been breeding a variety of raptors for more than 20 years. We hope that our website allows those of you interested in falcons, hawks and eagles to see some of the best captive bred raptors. Currently we have over 20 breeding pairs of birds.

Most of our birds have spent time as falconry birds prior to being chosen for breeding. We also have an excellent line of Russian/Siberian, and Finnish goshawks. For any of you who have spent time with these birds in a falconry environment, you quickly become aware of their calm, easy going temperament, coupled with their size and power and a willingness to tackle large game often making it look easy.

My biggest thrill in falconry was taking my Finnish Goshawk to Kansas and hunt Black tailed Jack Rabbits. My bird was as calm as could be. She had never seen a black tailed jack before. Within the hour of being in the field she had already caught one. This is a common experience for those of us fortunate enough to fly these birds.

For many years we have produced European and North American Goshawks as well.

For some falconers, time and space to hunt have become in short supply. But, there are always sparrows and other small birds to hunt. We feel the Coopers hawk is the bird.

We also have six pairs of white Gyrfalcons. All our Gyrfalcons are chamber raised birds. The breeding stock has been chosen for the lineage, size and color. We have successfully bred Gyrfalcons for more than 12 years.

Many of our customers have inquired about Anatum and Peales falcons. It's a natural question given that we reside in Canada. But in keeping with our belief that our customers expect birds which are a cut above, three years ago we embarked on a search for pure stock. Currently we have two pairs of Peales and a pair of Anatums. We are quite hopeful that our Peregrines will be successful in 2013.

In keeping with our philosophy of producing top quality raptors, we have strived to produce some interesting lines of Harris Hawks. We have line bred black Harris hawks. As this falconry season closes, Steve flew one of these young birds whose immature plumage is even darker than a traditional adult bird. It does not stop there. These birds, from a hunting perspective are a cut above. Due to their lineage, they are the most amazing hunting birds you would have to see as many of our local falconers have. As I write this at end of March 2013, Steve has caught over 110 Cotton Tailed rabbits, an amazing accomplishment given the environment we hunt in.

We also will be starting a line of extremely large Harris hawks. I am currently flying a large female who true flying weight is 1100 grams. Her chamber weight was an astounding 1500 grams or 52 ozs. Her mate had a flying weight of over 800 grams (28 ozs) and a chamber weight of 1100 grams (38.50ozs). To the discerning Harris hawk falconer, we feel we have some of the best stock available.

One of our favorite species of raptors is Eagles. We have focused on Golden Eagles and Bonelli's. We have not flown either of these 2 species, but their hunting process is never in question.

I have spent considerable time reading and speaking to people who have flown the Bonelli's. They are often described as the Eagle's version of the Goshawk. The Bonelli's is blessed with very powerful large feet attached to some very long legs. Additionally, when in the air, the Bonelli's exhibits tremendous agility for a bird of its size. To say that we are looking forward to producing young from this pair is an understatement.

World's first

We have produced a few World's first at S&S Raptor Breeding. 4 years ago, Steve produced the first Coopers/Goshawk hybrid. In the last 3 years we have been successful breeding the Harris/Golden Eagle Hybrid as well. Steve flew the first one very successfully. Smaller than an Golden but exhibiting many of the same qualities, immense power, and a no holds barred attitude towards the pursuit of game. Steve was successful flying the bird off the fist, out of trees and even from a wait on position. A truly unique experience for the seasoned falconer.

Our goal is to produce top quality birds which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. If we can build strong relationships which lead to repeat business, or recommendations through satisfied customers, than we have achieved our goal.

Our best customers are falconers who have acquired birds from us in the past! We are acutely aware that falconers and breeders have many options when it comes to acquiring a bird. We know, we have been there! Between Steve and I, we have more than 60 years experience in falconry and captive breeding. When we decided to produce birds for falconers beyond the local community, we drew upon our experiences and have always had a mandate to not only produce top quality birds, but to always make sure we put our customers first. We want the experience to be professional. But most important we want our customers to have found the process so positive they tell other falconers how well they we treated not to mention they received an excellent bird as well. Yes, we do produce some fine birds but what we really are selling is the relationships we build within the ever growing falconry community.

We hope you find our website informative and meeting all your needs and expectations. Should you have questions please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.