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about usS&S falconry is Simon Etherington and Steve Shute. Steve and I were falconers first before we became breeders. We became interested in breeding birds of prey due to the laws in Ontario Canada which prevented us from taking birds from the wild for the purposes of falconry.

As I write this, Ontario has now adopted new regulations which indeed will allow for the taking of selected species from the wild.

When we started in the early 80’s, we had no choice but to purchase our birds. We felt it was important to not only fly the birds we acquired, but that we had to learn to breed them as well.

We are both short wingers so our initial focus was on goshawks. With the assistance of one of our good friends, we were able to acquire some goshawks from Europe in the early 80’s. As far as we know, we believe we were the first to breed European Goshawks in North America. Our first offspring went on to a falconer/breeder in the United States where it was not only a tremendous game hawk, but if you traced back to the beginning of the gene pool of European Goshawks which were bred in the United States, it started with our first captive bred tiercel.

With the help of our family, Steve and I have been breeding birds since the 80’s. We continue to fly and breed goshawks. Since that time, we have expanded into top quality Harris Hawks, Peregrines, Gyrfalcons and Coopers Hawks. On top of that, Steve has bred a few “Worlds firsts”. Again with the help of family and friends, he has twice successfully bred Golden Eagle-Harris hawk Hybrids. A couple years earlier he also produced the only Coopers hawk-Goshawk hybrid.

Two years ago, we acquired Bonelli’s Eagles to go along with our Golden Eagles. As the new breeding season approaches, we are hopeful that we will be producing Bonelli’s and Golden Eagles.

We hope you enjoy the website. Please feel free to contact us, we always enjoy hearing from fellow falconers.